Wednesday, January 25, 2017


A disturbing bit of news from home.

A strange man tried to convince a young girl to get aboard his truck for a ride. It's a small town, everyone knows everyone. Kudos to the young girl who showed her street smarts in refusing to comply with the man's request. 

This is not something we are accustomed to in small rural communities where folks leave their doors unlocked, trust their neighbors and rely on one another. These sort of things don't happen here. Until they do.

There are plenty of examples of shock, betrayal and shattered perceptions of safety in our rural communities. community leaders charged with sexual assault and the rare murder. 

The sleepy, slumbering small town full of god-fearing residents is a thing of the past. A romantic notion that allows the predators amongst us to strike because of our perceptions of safety. It is a safe community, nobody bothers anybody - for the most part.

The wake-up call that predators have infiltrated our institutions and our society. Priests abused alter boys for two generations, educators have run afoul of the laws and community leaders have been charged and convicted of sex - related crimes.

The harsh realities of our highly sexualized world and the impact of sexual predators is not new.  We want to believe we are safe, but it is not logical.

In this digital age, we have to worry about more than the walk home or the playground. There are message boards and chat rooms where they surf and chat in the hopes of finding victims.

In reality, the image of some creepy dude driving around in a van or truck trolling for kids to abuse for their perverse sexual gratification makes headlines. 

We don't like to envisage Uncle Sam or Aunt Lorraine, our neighbor's next door, the friendly pastor, another family member, or trusted co‐workers. These predators come from all walks of life and from all social economic groups.  They can be male or female, rich or poor, employed or unemployed, religious or non‐religious, or from any race. 
Sex offenders live amongst us. 

There is no “perfect” place, Sex offenders are in every community. The key is street proofing your kids.

Is anything more important to parents than the
security and safety of our children? Take precautions that help protect our kids from abduction and
sexual abuse.

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