Friday, September 16, 2016


I would never make the cut driving in rush hour traffic in Toronto, let alone in a city like Los Angeles. Traffic every day - everybody ready to fight somebody else, it's insane.

The detours and long traffic delays caused by ongoing street scraping and roadwork in St. John's this week has me drove! Seriously, back to school traffic takes a little bit of getting accustomed to after the lazy care free days of summer. This spate of late summer road repairs on Kenmount, The Outer Ring, and Portugal Cove Road has forced folks to find alternative routes clogging up the flow of traffic everywhere. 

It would be nice if the city or the provincial government posted a complete list of City-wide traffic advisories to assist us in planning our daily commutes and adjusting travel times.

These repairs are cauing rampant stress, absenteesism and delayed arrivals all over the city. It might be interesting to learn what the impact is on worker productivity. I know that after an hour stuck in traffic I am irratable and fatiqued. 

On the positive side, it is going to be nice to see those nasty ruts, from sub-standard paving when these roads were constructed, vanish - one and for all. For to long communters have had to face the anxiety of coping with messy ruts on the Outer Ring.  There are times where it felt more like driving on a tram or a trolly because once you got caught in a rut the car develops a mind of its own, wanting to follow the stablished tracks. 

Tramlining - where directional control is disrupted by the vehicle's tendency to follow the longitudinal ruts and/or grooves in the road, is no fun, particulary with folks whizzing by like they are racing on the autobahn. The best tires and control experience steering resistance in these ruts. The danger multiplies expotentialy when you add slick conditions and water. The ruts have caused untolled damage to suspensions, jolted drivers and accidents. 

I  am glad to see the work getting done but can not help but wonder aloud - What took so long? and why is all of this work going on now in the midst of the busy back to work and school high traffic volumes. Surely, governments could have planned this better. 

A small piece of advice, the Harbour Artierial is by far the fastest route to and from CBS and the west bound lane of the TCH! It took me 20 minutes to get downtown vs the 1.5 hours that Kenmount Road and the Outer Ring threw at me!


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