Friday, September 16, 2016


Progressive Conservatives are getting a delayed taste of the sourness of loosing and the awful odour of defeat that accompanies governing parties that get tossed out by the electorate.  

I for one believe the role of the opposition is an honourable one, but lets face it, it is the opposition. It is a tough job to keep the troops motivated.

I have been hearing stories for months from Liberal MHA's who have been approached by arrogant Conservatives to cross the floor or taunted about how easy the Dwight Ball Liberals are making their jobs.

Despite the low voter support numbers for Ball, this province has not produced a one-term government - ever. 

The norm is more like three or four terms. In normal practice, the opposition eventually gets deprived of the oxygen every party needs to succeed - money. They disintegrate into factions followed by years of civil war until the governing party blows it and the opportunity to form a government re-appears with corporate donations.

Our political culture is littered with the wrecks of would be premiers that were out of sync with the throw-the-bums out cycle that substitutes for rationale voter choice based on ideology or platforms. The Liberals and the Progressive Conservatives have each endured decades of being in the political wilderness. When the going gets tough, the party warlords start devouring each other. 

Opposition Leader Paul Davis and his king maker - Steve Kent have been artificially inflated by the post-election stumbling of the new Liberal Government. 

The plethora of Resign Ball posters, a Liberal MHA defection, plunging Liberal Poll numbers and the unpopularity of Premier Ball have all conspired to give the tories a post-election glow.

They seem to have forgotten that it was their ineptitude, arrogance and political dementia that created an environment where the only mission of voters in the 2015 election was to throw-the-bums out. 

Very few people cared to listen too, let alone debate policy. No one was lured to the Liberal Party by shortsighted promises and untenable commitments. They just wanted Paul Davis and his band of sycophants defeated. Anything was better than what we had. 

In the rush to throw them out, we gave the Liberals a free pass. It was that simple. For the past six months the tories have been able to rail hard against the Liberals on broken election commitments. 

I'll be the first to agree that the first year has been a colossal mess, but lets face it the public remembers who created this unparalleled overspending debacle. They know who blew the only real prosperity this desolate rock has ever had. 

The Progressive Conservative approach reminds me of a bunch of arsonists throwing rocks at the fire fighters rushing in to rescue a burning building they set on fire!

Davis's approach of trying to position himself as Premier material, as a defeated champ that was unfairly defeated is aggrandizing.  There will be no second chance because party stalwarts know how badly the obscenely overpaid crew in the leader's office messed up.  They want blood! They also know they desperately need a fresh coast of paint if they have a hope at defeating the already unpopular Liberals in the next provincial election - three years from now.

This is the time to start rebuilding, not huddling around the architect of their destruction.

I just hope the Liberals have not lost their stomachs for the very urgent task of right sizing public expenditures before the cost of borrowing money through bonds makes us a province of very cold paupers and seniors up the Muskrat with out a paddle!

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