Tuesday, August 9, 2016


As an avid political watcher, and sometimes partisan participant, the lack of timber in the political wood pile is disheartening.  What ever happened to supporting a candidate or party based on what they offered in terms of leadership and policy - instead of accepting the lesser of two evils. 

The ever changing political landscape in the United States, the worlds last remaining superpower, looks like something created by Mel Brooks. Unfortunately, for the world, and Americans in particular, the pieces are set. Never before have the contenders for President been so viscerally disliked even hated, by so many voters.

This might have been a race between the establishment candidate and a reformer determined to change the status-quo by kicking the merchants out of the synagogues. The infiltration of the Tea Party, the inability of the old Republican machine to prevent Donald Trumps hostile takeover or protect local candidates for towing the line has truly left the party of Lincoln flayed and possibly headed for an historic defeat against a disliked Democratic candidate.

Of course anything can happen in the ninety days remaining in the campaign. Surely, there are many political mine fields to come for Clinton, but as long as Trump remains on the ballet, the race will be all about hate, anger, distrust, sexism and racism - perpetuating the polarization of extreme positions and fermenting domestic discord.

After a slight reprieve and a small bump from the farcical Republican National Convention, Trump is in free fall and the Republican Party is in a fix. The ugly pragmatic reality of  "outsiderdom" has been revealed to all.  Only the most rabid feel Trump is Presidential. 

I don't know a great deal about Trump's running mate Mike Pence except that he might be the Republican Party's last chance to save face and perhaps offer Americans an alternative. This would require Pence telling the egomaniacal Trump that he needs to relinquish the presidential nomination or accept the resignation of his running mate.

Such a scenario would give the not-so-Midas touched Trump a way out of what is beginning  to look like an electoral rout and the Republicans a Hail Mary pass that might shift focus back on Clinton's image issues. 

Frankly, there are no great political plays left for the Republicans, but commiting  Harakiri for  fascist emperor Trump should not be an option. 

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