Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Conservative pundit and pollster, Tim Power's latest article for The Hill Times takes aim at the discourse and hypocritical positions espoused by the front leaders for the Conservative Party Leadership regarding the divisive Brexit vote.

The former cabinet ministers have been exposed for abandoning the free trading ideology of the Mulroney and Harper eras in favour of pandering for a few votes.

Power says " Hypocrisy is often the bed-mate of a politician in search of opportunity to advance his or her own ambition. But putting your finger in the wind to find out where it is blowing and knowing it represents a storm of no good is an altogether different type of shallow—Tony Clement and Jason Kenney, I am talking about you."

The lack of ideological consistency in our public officials is disheartening but even more dramatic, it is so pervasive that we seemingly accept it as part of the process.

Politicians lie, promises are just snapshots in time and circumstances. It is a cancer, corruption and arrogance that serves harm democracy and trust, further eroding our democratic institutions. A flip-flop is part of doing business today. 

The official hypocrisy of the new premier, much of his cabinet and the Liberal caucus who were elected on a misleading platform, which has been all but abandoned, is only eclipsed by the hypocrisy of the now opposition Progressive Conservatives who created the fiscal crisis we are facing. 

Where does it all leave the voter who gets to vote once every four years but is saddled with sticker shock and buyers remorse with no recourse?

Before we start lighting torches and marching with pitchforks in hand, we should consider our individual roles, do voters  act just like the representatives they elect? Who is to blame - look in the mirror  Until we challenge this approach, stand united against it or reform our electoral process , we will continue to get hypocritical governance.

We have the ability to eradicate poverty, to end our reliance on fossil fuels, to share our wealth, to forget about national interests and pursue global solutions to the environment nightmare that we are punting to future generations so we can preserve our quality of living today. 

We should not bury our heads in the sand but seek to understand the role hypocrisy plays in the bigger picture of our robust federal democracy that demands flexibility, horse trading and party solidarity for the big picture. 

Politicians are pulled in all kinds of contrasting directions by public opinion, donors, party lines, personal leanings and local politics - all of which are often temporal - changing with time and the tide.

What ideological  lines would you refuse to cross, no matter the dealmaking, partisanship, or personal incentives involved? 

At would point is the active political agenda just a distraction from the big picture? 

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