Thursday, May 12, 2016


As an education advocate who knows our provincial government is refusing to even discuss other options that are clearly available to prevent the woefully myopic measures that will impact children's education for a generation - it is sure reassuring to see so many concerned parents and community members demonstrate their resolve to stand up for education in our province.

The government has been tone deaf to the concerns of education advocates, particularly the Federation of School Councils. The Education Minister has treated legitimate concerns with an arrogant distain that continues to amaze me.

 There are alternatives choices but the government is determined to take a flawed approach that will have deep and long reaching negative impacts that could be avoided.

If there is any hope of changing the budget it lays in the hands of ordinary people who are willing to stand with their feet and show the Liberal MHAs that they are serious. Petitions, letters, Open Line Shows and attending demonstrations all impact politicians. Make them nervous, force some common sense thinking.

I am very proud of the parents, community members and students who have participated in protests against budget cuts and other changes to the province's education system.

I look forward to more.

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