Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Some people take their politics more seriously than others. 

A great old liberal friend of mine wore read socks every day. I am told he was buried wearing them. 

Phil would have admired 's feistiness.

The  86 year-old died on St. Patrick's Day. Her final request was  that her loved ones do not vote for Donald Trump.

Alba was passionate about politics and history. Her nine children and 17 grandchildren, have fond memories of the  heated political debates that formed a part of their family get-togethers.

"Her point (was) learn from history. We  just thought that this was her last way to get her vote in” daughter Marion Mendelsohn explained. “He's teaching hate. What have we learned. 
In lieu of flowers, Alba’s request would be that you do not vote for Donald Trump," the obituary stated.

Family members believed Keus wanted to ensure that her voice was heard, even if she would not be able to physically cast a vote.

There have been a number of similar obituary requests and political statements being made in this election year. 

A Colorado man's ad for a tenant went viral after readers saw the last line: “DOWNTOWN APARTMENT, 2 bedrooms, furnished or use your things, organic garden space, hot tub, great back yard, dogs allowed if they have references as good as yours. If voting for Donald Trump, do not call!”

Mark Holmes, said  “I guess I did it because I want America to wake up, and I know that I can’t change people’s vote but any vote for Donald Trump is in the way wrong direction” 

O those Americans!

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