Thursday, March 3, 2016


Twenty years ago my brother Mike and a few
friends punched a lot of fun times playing multi-player games. It was the era before the X-Box or the the Playstation. We were PC Gamers!

We played Red Alert, Unreal, Triad and especially Ghost Recon. Hours and hours of sleepless nights full of head shots and bragging rights.  

We also spent way too much money on video cards, faster motherboards, expensive RAM and the best audio cards. Again, it was all about bragging rights.  We squeezed every pixel out of our video cards, every byte out of our video cards. 

I was never really fond of consoles. You just can't beat the PC. The decision to be a PC gamer may not always feel like the easiest or most stylish, but it's absolutely the best one.  A mediocre machine comprehensively canes the competition!

That said, I have three gamers at home. My sixteen year old is a PC Gamer, like the bible says you have to give up the childish things of youth. He sees the value in the games and the superior response times of keyboards and mice.

My 14-year old is moving away from the console - slowly.  However, my youngest is an X-Box One disciple. He is the biggest gamer in our household by far.

This Christmas he just wanted the "gear" to start a YouTube channel to discuss his favourite games, consoles, characters and show off his own gamemanship! He got his digital mic and his digital PVR. I am proud of the pride he takes in making videos and editing.

FauX SnipingNow, he is part of his own clan, FauX Sniping. His school buddies and friends from the gaming world have their own YouTube Channel where they display clips of their awesome "kills" and techniques.  This explosive trend, specifically through YouTube and Twitch has been massive to say the least.  Gamers it seems, are everywhere!

They have even picked up a sponsor who gives them a bit of a discount from time to time. That discount could turn into some free gaming goodies once they have 500 subscribers, or "subs" as Conor puts it.

They are nearly halfway there, hence my request for you to follow this link and become a sub. It just takes a second, a click and it pushes FauX Snipping forward making my little guy and his buddies happier.

There are roughly 155 million Americans playing video games today. That’s an average of 2 gamers per game-playing household in the US.  

The average gamer is a 35 year old male, but women age 18 or older represent a significantly greater portion of the game playing population (33%) than boys age 18 or younger (15%).

I suppose the stats can not be too much different here. Of course the recent rise of the iPhone, iPad and Android games is increasing the number and demographics of those gaming. Gotta love those puzzle and strategy games. 

You just have to admire the camaraderie, roasting, friendships, humour and the thick skins they all have.

As for those who fear games are making our kids lazy and uninspired, perhaps you should sit down and play with them sometime. The best part is allowing the father-child dynamic to change by allowing them to teach us a new skill or trick. Another bonus, playing a video game side-by-side encourages conversation, which makes it easier and more natural for your kids to share problems and triumphs with you.

Seriously have a beat the parents night! We used to have the greatest fun with Rock Band, Kinect games and the Wii!

My guys all like to game but in moderation. They still do their chores, participate in lots of extra-circular activities including hockey, rugby, swimming, soccer, choir, guitar playing, improv, homework and lots of real life opportunities to socialize with peers!

Consider setting  limits on how much screen time they get. Don't allow game playing to  interfere with schoolwork, household responsibilities, and the physical activity your child needs every day.

Games improve kids' hand–eye coordination, technical skills, problem-solving skills, enhance creativity, improve teamwork,  negotiating skills and improve interest in history and culture. They are normal part of childhood. They help kids make friends, make for great conversations, learn leadership skills and motivation.

So become a "sub" and encourage them to keep putting up fresh content, learn new technology and have fun as they find their own niche in the YouTube gaming channel world.

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