Thursday, March 10, 2016


Forget withdrawing Canadian fighters from the bombing campaign in Syria, America found out today that Canada has it's back when it really matters.

Just when you think the superstar status of Canada's domestic monarchy can reach no higher, Canada's First Lady Sophie GrĂ©goire-Trudeau saves American First Lady from an embarrassing fall.

Obama stumbled, lost her balance and began to fall but before the secret service, our any of her aides realized what was happening,Mrs. GrĂ©goire-Trudeau reached up caught her! What a catch!

The near disaster occurred this morning at the U.S. Institute for Peace in Washington.

It is not the first time the American First Lady has made a less than gracefull entrance or exit. She garnered some diplomatic criticism for her choice of flashy silver high heels while in Japan to meet 
Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko. The five foot-11 Obama towered over the Emperor and Empress. The awkwardness was amplified when the First Lady stumbled as she greeted the pair last March.

Ironicly today's adventure in heels took place at a "Let Girls Learn” education initiative, a  U.S. agency advocating education for adolescent girls around the world. She was engaged in a "Let Girls Learn" promotion when she stumbled in Japan.

It has got to be so frustrating to be in the spotlight all the time, for hundreds of public events and be criticized for grace and poise by the world's media. It's not like Michelle was trained from her youth to be an elegant princess like the Royals or even Trudeau.

As usual Canada showed that it is more than able to assist its largest military ally and trading partner.

Let's add limber to youthful, energetic and charismatic as ways to describe Canada's dreamy power couple.

This should make for some real laughers around the state dinner tablets nigh!

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