Thursday, March 10, 2016


Hey folks, I have been sporadic with my posting over the past few weeks. My apologies to regular readers.

A combination of priorities has conspired against blogging, which is a hobby. Lots of thoughts on the throne speech, the budget crisis, the Muskrat debacle and the re-opening of the house to come.

A bout of kidney stones has lasted a lot longer than anticipated. 

Fortunately, most kidney stones pass with with out the need for procedures. 

The doctor will prescribe something for pain management, you drink liters and liters of water/cranberry juice/beer and you simply grin and bare it.

A few weeks of this and three trips to emergency led to an CT Scan which unveiled the presence of a couple of stones in each kidney. The bugger causing the problem was about 5 to 5.5 mm - just on the cusp of what they feel is small enough to pass on its own.

Apparently, a 4mm stone has an 80% chance of passing on its own while anything above 5mm requires a little more help. 

The stone in question  has torn its way into the bladder and ureter and was in the last throws of exiting the bladder. The challenge at this point is keeping the pressure up through drinking to flush it out of the bladder into my urethra. Apparently, the stone is stuck at the flap between the exit point of the bladder.

So between the pain management and not feeling well, I have been restricted, for the most part to working from home and living in a bit of a fog - reading and not writing. 

At this point, we are looking at other options because this constant pain over a few week us not a reasonable solution. A fella has to function to be productive. At least surgery is hardly ever used as an option any more.  There is Lithotripsy, and Ureteroscopic stone, but at this point it is real close to flushing itself out. 

The simplest and most important lifestyle change a person can make to prevent stones is to drink more liquid … preferably water. If you are susceptible to kidney stones, you should drink enough water to create 2 quarts of urine in a 24-hour period. I have been following that rule, however I continue to create these buggers every few years. I guess I should not complain, some people have dozens of stones in their kidneys at any one given time!

Fun and games. 

I hope to be a little more productive soon and produce a prodigious amount of content for your reflection, consideration and entertainment.


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