Monday, February 15, 2016


Despite an ongoing battle with kidney stones that is not letting up, life goes on. Suck it up!

This morning I disposed of the painkillers and the anti-iflammatories and drove down to St. Bernard's Elementary School in Witless Bay for the launch of Education Week 2016 and Teacher Appreciation Week.

The theme of Education Week is Teachers Change Lives Every Day. The theme is supplemented by five sub -themes - TEACH: T-technology; E-educate; A-appreciate; C-career; and finally H-health.

Education week provides an opportunity to celebrate the importance of learning and recognize the various partners in celebrating education including teachers, parents, students, school volunteers, the school boards and government.  Together we are all vital parts of a healthy learning system.

The opening ceremonies were incredible. Teachers and parents of students at St. Bernard's Elementary should be proud of the incredibly well behaved and talented children that showcased your community to the province via a n internet streamcast yesterday morning.

The invited guests received an incredibly warm welcome and were treated to fabulous solo of the "Sound of Music" and a number of songs by the choir. Music teacher, Ms. Thorne has developed an incredible pool of talent. The two students who acted as co-M.Cs would intimidate the most seasoned Toastmaster.  A tip of the hat to principal Alun Young.

NL Federation of School CouncilsOne of the perks of my volunteer role as the President of the NL Federation Of School Councils is the opportunity to visit schools throughout the province and experience the tremendous talent, leadership, creativity, energy and diversity of our students. 

All of which would not be possible without the dedication and love of the most dedicated professionals in the world who we entrust with preparing future generations to become productive, upstanding citizens. There are few professions that have as direct of an impact on creating a better society as teachers do. We all remember teachers for years after we finish school because of the lasting impact they have on our entire lives.  Teachers Change Lives Every Day!

The Federation sponsors Teacher/ Staff Appreciation Week providing students and parents with an opportunity to thank our teachers and staff for the key role they play in our children's success. We feel it is important to ensure that they know how much we value them. 

School Councils throughout the province are thanking teachers and staff through baked goods, lunches, thank you cards and volunteering to cover lunch duties.

This is the perfect time to personally thank your students’ teachers for their sacrifices and support for children throughout the year. 

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fisherman's girl said...

A great write up Petey Boy. I am just a few months away from 40 years post high school graduation and I remember the teachers that impacted my life in the most positive way. Thanks to teachers each and every day and to the volunteer that help make their day easier.