Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I am rotted, too rotted to blog today, or I was up until ten minutes ago.

Over a year ago I switched my internet service provider. In doing so my twenty odd year usage of was lost - forever. Despite having five cellular phones from Bell, they refused to let me keep my long time address.

Lesson learned, instead of setting up a Rogers account, I decided to go with GMail as my permanent personal digital address. I have come to rely on Goggle Apps for sharing, my calendar and my email. Google Groups has made sharing documents and online collaboration so efficient.  Throw in Skype and the need for an office is almost null.

Some recent changes to the e-mail inbox messed with my filters that used to organize things just the way I want them. Taking away control of my inbox sucked, but fortunately I was able to disable some of the unwelcome elements of the new system.  I know Google is always trying to improve their usability and efficiency  stop telling me what I should want. 

On Sunday night, I managed to delete all of my GMail! Nothing was spared..except for an archive on my MacBook. My IPad Mini needed to be updated. Before doing the update, I did a little cleansing. Too many of the kids apps and  unneeded photos and a years worth of emails. After the update, I noticed my GMail boxes were all empt.  The update, including a new bulk editing feature which by default cleared out my email. 

Imagine my panic when I opened my other devices to find all of my GMail had been deleted. At first they all seemed fine but as soon as each device contacted the server, the e-mail began to vanish. Turns out all of my GMail was synced to the server on all my devices. The changes to the IPad has wiped out the mail on my server !  All of my archived mail in folders I had set up were completely GONE!

My mail is completely gone. Apple says it is not their problem and Google does not talk to people.   I want to know what Google is doing to work with Apple to fix the glitch and to restore the emails.

In future, I will be maintaining my own personal backups but what a shitty lesson to learn.  


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