Sunday, February 14, 2016


While laying around on my bed trying to find a comfortable position as these stubborn kidney stones try and pass, I got to wondering about the fate of waterbeds?

Waterbeds were a staple in my bedroom right up to the late 90's. Warm, comfortable and dust mite free, they were terrific to sleep in. With brand names like Wet Dream, Joyapeutic Aqua Beds, and Aquarius Products, they promised the motion of the ocean!

I purchased my first one on the cheap. A friend was moving, he had this queen sized, heavy oak, wave controlled bed with a message feature that he could not take with him to South Africa. All it was missing was disco lights. 

Remember the ads promoting the big selling point - "Two things are better on a waterbed,” an Aquarius ad stated. “One of them is sleep."

Unassembled, it might as well have been a Rubik's Cube. A big bladder, heavy boards and a pike of screws. The first things I had to purchase was a screwdriver set and a garden hose. With some help, a few beer, some patience and what seemed like hours of filling, the bed was ready. It was only at this point that we realized the heating pad had not made the trip to my house! Eventually, we got it right and boy was it ever awesome! A major upgrade from that old used  pull-out couch bed that I purchased in University.

No doubt, waterbeds could be high maintenance. The potential for a messy leak was always present. On a couple of occasions mine sprung a leak. Waking up in a warm wet bed brought back too many childhood memories. Fortunately, they were easy to repair, just like patching a bicycle tube.

Feeling a nostalgic, I wish that I was floating in a waterbed right now but in retrospect, I don't miss the hassle of filling it up and in particular emptying it.

Still the motion of the ocean is tantalizing.

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Anonymous said...

I recall myself and a couple of sisters sharing a queen size waterbed when we were kids. Snug as bugs. Warm as could be. Although, reality really bites when you get out of that tropical wrap and into a freezing cold room in the death of Winter. ;-)