Monday, February 8, 2016


"Prior to making any decision to further reduce the public service in this province, the questions must be asked: are we prepared to accept a lower standard of services to compensate for our large geography and dispersed population?  

Secondly, should we ensure that all sectors of our society are contributing their fair share to maintain our provincial programs and services?"

Steve Brooks, assistant executive director
Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association
Letter to the Editor - The Telegram

" If we want our children to have a life here, big changes are going to be necessary. It won’t be easy or pleasant, and it will pit our hearts against our heads. We must all be willing to give a little, to change, and see beyond our own short-term self-interest."
John Duke
Letter to the Editor - The Telegram

"The idea of resettlement still conjures a heart-wrenching era for older Newfoundlanders. That stigma of forced relocation is what spurred the government to adopt a high-consent threshold.

But nostalgia alone can’t keep communities thriving, and we are now in a very tight financial spot."


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