Thursday, February 11, 2016


I had never heard of scarred, wise-cracking anti-hero Deadpool until my youngest son became fascinated with the "merc with a mouth" a few years back.

Deadpool becomes the latest hero to be lifted out of the comic books into the Marvel shared movie/tv universe. specifically the X-Men Universe.

Deadpool was created in the '90s — an era when comic books were bent on pushing the limits of violence, sex, and cynicism.

I might have been able to dampen his enthusiasm for this crackpot if not for my buddy John who was all impressed with Conor's choice of favourite superhero. John is cool, he likes Deadpool. The discussions began as did the comic reading and now a movie. 

The movie faced budget challenges and was almost forgotten on the cutting room floor but fans kept up the pressure.  

Six and a half years years later, fans get to watch a hard R-rated superhero debut in theatres tonight.

Ryan Reynolds stars in what is being billed as the funniest superhero movie ever. It is expected to be an instant cult classic. 

O my nerves. 

What am I getting myself into.

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Andrew said...

we should go pre screen that one like we did with harry potter while we were down doing doors open lol