Thursday, January 28, 2016


For community advocates and policy wonks like me,who like to dig deep and have a keen interest in the details of government decision making process,  the Access To Information Office delivered a late Christmas present last week.

The purpose of the much aligned ATIPA is to provide the public with the right of access to records; and to protect the privacy of individuals whose personal information is collected, used and disclosed by public bodies. 

The Access To Information Office does an online post of the information requested and responded to by core government departments and applies to access requests received by departments for general information and not personal information requested by individuals are published following a 72-hour period after the response is sent electronically to the applicant.

The ATIPA website is one my daily haunts. I am always curious about what people are looking for - it is the old journalist in me. To say the least it offers a trove of information on issues, planning, policy and the decision making process.

Imagine if you will, how much enjoyment I have gotten over the past week reading all of the briefing materials prepared for the new government that have been rolling out courtesy of some strategic and timely ATI requests. 

Have a look around, whatever your interest - or issue, chances are it you will find it here.  You can be as well briefed as the minister! Not quite that good, but there is gold in these hills.

As well, there are some great policy notes on the the impact of oil prices on qualifying for equalization and government's out of whack projections for oil prices into the future.

So finish up James McLeod's "Turmoil as Usual" and dig in for some eye-opening insight.

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