Wednesday, January 27, 2016


"I have always been drawn to this parable: in it lies, as the writer Jeanette Winterson has put it, “the nearness of the wound to the gift,” the insight that in weakness and shamefulness is also the potential for transcendence, heroism, or redemption. My anxiety remains an unhealed wound that, at times, holds me back and fills me with shame—but it may also be, at the same time, a source of strength and a bestower of certain blessings." - Scott Stossel


This is an article that was of great insight to me. 

It was published in the Atlantic in the January/February 2014 issue.

I particularly like the references to Edmund Wilson's 1941 essay "The Wound and the Bow" which is a about about a greek parable whose never-healing snakebite wound is linked to his gift of unerring accuracy with his bow. 

Check it out and learn more about one persons life long struggle with mental illness.

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