Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I finally had an opportunity to get downtown to check out the long awaited board game cafe  - Mochanopoly

If you are a regular reader, you will know that I am a big fan of designer/Euro/German Boardgames. I am always on the lookout for a group of dedicated (or semi-dedicated) game enthusiasts for the purpose of getting together and playing games. 

If a full-house and a line-up on a Monday night are any indication, the enterprise is off to a good start. It would appear that there is an appetite in our fair city to leave the gaming consoles at home and have some screen free entertainment.

This is the golden age of board gaming. I love the fact that through great games, blogs, videos and word-of-mouth that board gaming is becoming so mainstream. 

For $2.50 per hour customers are encouraged to play any game in the store -- a collection of 200 plus that includes the nostalgic, rare, European, trivia, two player, Spiel des Jahres winners and pretty much every genre out there. They have a game for everyone.

It was great to be around gaming enthusiasts. Not a veteran gamer? Mochanopoly has a team of 'gurus" who  know the rules of every game and can teach you how to play. 

This is a huge bonus because figuring out the rules of some games can be perplexing. Knowing that your are going to learn how to play the game right from the start is fantastic! 

They also have a nice menu of snacks and drinks available for purchase. I quickly got table deep in a new game and enjoyed a nice green tea.

I have been eagerly awaiting the official opening of St. John's first board game café since early last  summer. 

Their Facebook Page had been teasing an August opening, than a fall opening. Co-owner Erich Chung told me the Duckworth Street location just did nor work out, so they jumped at the opportunity to use the old Coffee and Company location on Water Street.

I am hoping that as they grow they may consider some gaming ladders, gaming matching services, theme nights and perhaps even some role playing nights to unlock the potential of the wider but diverse, local  gaming community.

On top of purchasing new games, Mochanopoly is accepting donated games. I encourage you to help support them by bringing in a game for their collection which is growing daily. Soon it will rival mine!

The bottom line for me is that Mochanopoly offers a warm environment for friends (or soon to be friends) to have fun, play test games (before you buy) and  enjoy the social experience of gaming with other like minded people.

Please feel free to check out the dozens of gaming reviews here on Polemic and Paradox.

I am accepting invitations from local players. 

Get your game on at Mochanopoly