Tuesday, December 15, 2015


It has been a while since my last post.
Lately, I’ve really been thinking about why I blog. The reasons why probably don’t matter a whole lot to anyone else but me.

The original purpose of this blog was to provoke discussion, change minds, provide a simple addition to your knowledge base and connect with readers. I blog to quench my need to write, share and express the scattered opinion.

Having a blog is a little bit like having a house on the internet where folks can find you, learn more about what you do and what you are passionate about.  It also requires maintenance, content, patience and passion.  A good blog therefore has to find the balance between the authors  own personal view of events and the take of others.

Polemic and Paradox has been like a ship's log, a living narrative gleaned in real time. A good blogger can adjust judgement, positions and political commentary. It is a collection of instant self-publishing that is immediately accountable and global. It is writing out loud - an extreme sport of sorts.

It is public, open to all and immediate. The good, the bad, the ugly, the rushed and the poorly written are  instantly public in a manner that few authors have been exposed to in the past.

The freedom to write is met with the fierce scrutiny of responses that range from informative and warm to the persnickety and emotionally unstable. There is nothing quite like being humiliated for sloppiness in the rush to publish a spontaneous expression of thought.

My views have evolved as I scour the web/social media for posts to share and think about. 

On a personal level, blogging has seen me through quite a bit: a dissatisfaction with partisan politics, a turbulent job market, marriage, raising three boys, depression, diabetes, advocacy and lots of other personal ups and downs.

Flicking back over my decade of posting in the biosphere, I realize that this ongoing narrative continues with no knowledge of the ending. 

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Anonymous said...

Peter... please keep it going. I enjoy your insight, and commentary. The blogging world of P&P, SRBP, and Uncle Gnarley is a vehicle for much needed debate which is not provided by traditional media. The rushed posts are often the best, as they are straight from the heart. Thanks for your efforts