Thursday, December 17, 2015


The reviews are out, "The Force Awakens" is good. That is according to a New York Times Review and Prime Minister Trudeau who saw an advanced screening with a group of sick kids.

It seems that Star Wars has always been around. The original movie was released when I was nine. I saw it for the first time on a grainy television signal a few years later. I knew the story through the Marvel comic adaptations and a book. I never saw any of the original films in a theater!

That never stopped my brother Mike and I from employing our active imaginations to act out Star Wars scenarios in our backyard, on the government wharf and along the slips in St. Bernard's. 

One Christmas we got these really cool remote controlled R2-D2s that rocked until Mike decided he wanted to take them apart and figure out how they worked. Mike was good at taking things apart, getting them back to their original form, that was the challenge!

I also recall spending hours playing a Star Wars board game trying to get Ben to the reactor room on the original Death Star. 

In the nineties, Mike and I rekindled our love of Star Wars playing Jedi Knights, at night, on our computers. Yea, the lure of force crushing throats made the dark force powers my favorite side to play.

quick search of my blog produced dozens of Star War's posts about books, movies, comics, video games, board games and 16 years of parenting in a house full of Star War's geeks. We have more light sabers, Star Wars Lego sets, books, video and board games than the average fan. 

When the boys were little we used to bundle up the little Jedis and burn off energy playing Star Wars in the tunnels and   
pedestrian overpasses at Memorial University. We received a few smiles and strange looks but boy did we have fun in our own expansive universe. 

The boys started from the beginning watching Anakin as a young boy as he grew impatient and eventually succumbed to the manipulation of Palpatine and the dark side. I started with the first movie, which is really episode four and a generation of new viewers will start on episode seven. Sure it is confusing. I am still not sure what is the best way to watch the series, from one to six or in the order they were released.

In preparation for the new movie, we have re-watched the original three and played a lot of Star Wars Battlefront on the XBox One. the big debate, will we see it this weekend or make it our Boxing Day movie this year!

I think we will celebrate the release tonight with a game of Star Wars Risk and put some batteries in the electronic Star Wars Battleship game. 

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