Tuesday, December 22, 2015


On the justice, or lack of it, theme, did you catch the story last week about the wealthy Saudi property developer who was found NOT GUILTY  of rape by a British court after using the good old, accidentally penetrated -when he tripped and fell into her - defence!

He must have one heck of a lawyer to convince the members of the jury to - in get this - thirty minutes  come back with an acquittal, only 30 minutes of deliberations.  They bought the defence argument that Abdulaziz had accidentally fallen on the victim. That, get this, it was possible his pecker might have been poking out of his underwear. 

So, he accidentally tripped, his unintentionally exposed penis just happens to penetrate this 18-year olds vagina while he was trying to make her more comfortable.  Serendipitous chain of events. It is not beyond possibility. A truly innocent  bump in the night. A little scratch and dent.

However, what about his sperm. His DNA was found in her vagina!

Now, I have to believe that while erect, he accidentally stumbled, penetrated and ejaculated into this girl. 

Come on!

Who would believe that?

Turns out, the guy had gone out to dinner with a 24-year-old  friend of the 18-year old. They all went back to his place where he made out with the older women, while the victim slept on a couch. It is possible that he had semen on his hands and penis after having sex with the other women.

I guess it all comes down to a reasonable doubt....What do you think?

This happened in the UK...that is practically us!  No wonder so many women are often resigned to the the fact that justice is unlikely when it comes to rape.

Sure like to meet the jury members.

Jian Ghomeshi should have his lawyer on speed dial!

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