Friday, December 18, 2015


O the woes of getting a dependable internet service provider in this part of the city!

This past spring, after a twenty year commitment to Aliant (Bell) ,we switched to Rogers for our internet service.  Top ADSL package was not living up to the promised speeds for the cost.  The instillation of Fiber-Op was not even on the short term agenda for this area of the city because all of the infrastructure is underground.

Up until the frost came, we were pleased with the service. Rogers delivered the speed, latency and dependability that we were looking for.  Now we are experiencing some of the same issues that we had with Bell. 

The boys are getting frustrated with the continual lag, making competitive gaming on X-Box Live and Steam difficult to impossible.  Kris and I are tired of the lock-ups, wireless coverage and the dial-up speeds. 

My biggest beef is that the internet is so laggy that it is interfering with my Apple devices staying networked to stream Christmas music through the house. 

Rogers says there is an issue with the signal that is causing the signal to drop. They explained it to me in terms of a dirty or noisy phone line and are sending a technician over on Sunday to review the situation.

I am hoping for a solution but in the back of mind I know that cable in this area is not strong on polls but on the ground along the fence lines. If water, temperature and ice are at fault my blazing fast service might be reduced due climate.

Ice and rain interferes with my Internet and fog beings the intense stench of the super dump forcing me to turn of my air exchanger. The East End is getting less attractive by the forecast.

I should note that Roger's customer service is fantastic. Prompt, professional, patient, understanding and local! No need for a translator due to dealing with an outsourced call center in India or the Philippines. 

While the issue s not yet resolved, I was pleased with the my first experience with technical services even if I could talk the person on the other side of the line to finish my Christmas shopping for me.

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