Thursday, December 24, 2015


The Christmas shopping is all done, the gifts are wrapped - let the festivities begin.

We got our tree up a lot earlier than any previous Christmas and the music of the season helped remind us that the season is about family, not stuff.

The spirit of Christmas has been infectious this year. I attribute it to music. Christmas music has a unique ability to "evoke emotions" that perhaps are not as evident at other times of the year. It brings out the best in us. 

The first Christmas concert of the season was the Annual Shallaway Youth Choir event at Cochrane Street United Church. This year I had a little more time on my hands and was able to commit to the practices so I could join other dads and grandparents for A Welsh Lullaby.  If listening to this talented choir was not enough to get me in Christmas Spirit, singing certainly did. Conor had a solo and sang part of Any Mummers Allowed in which made me pretty proud. It was really nice to join the boys at the front of the church.

Conor played Elf Bushy Evergreen in Peter McDonalds production of Santa's Place. Seeing his picture and a little bio in the programme was pretty cool. He did a great job. His Russian accent was deadly. The production was fantastic. Lots of colorful costumes, music dance and a delightful christmas lyric battle between Santa's kids. 

I am still holding out for a more musical Christmas at home, where we sing songs while the boys play guitar and the piano. The boys seem to have no hesitation performing for hundreds of people on stages intimidating venues but getting them to perform at home is like pulling teeth. All that talent, and I still have to wait for concerts!

We celebrated Tibb's Eve with Uncle Mike and Michelle who are heading down the Burin Peninsula for Christmas. Normally a stop at Uncle Mike's house is part of our Christmas Eve tradition. We went out for a great dinner at Woody's downtown and exchanged gifts after. 

Tonight is our yearly Christmas Eve Dinner with Terry. 

It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Family, music, excitement and good friends. 

And lots of holiday music while we wrap presents for tomorrow morning. 

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