Wednesday, December 16, 2015


"George Lucas’ goal in making “Star Wars” 
was a self-conscious attempt to appeal to primordial
 stories and images and ideas, and his great triumph 
was the successful creation of a new kind of mythology.
 His success is now even more important as one our last
 remaining resources for meaningful ideas that can 
transcend our deep divisions."

The Dallas Morning News Charles C. Camosy 

To say Star War's mania has kicked in, full force, is an understatement.  

I have been a Star Wars fan since the very beginning but the hype surrounding the seventh installment of this film franchise is unparalleled. The cross-promotion, fan mania and expectations are all off the charts. I might explore that a little more in another post. 

An opinion piece in the Dallas Morning News made me realize the extent to which some have great expectations for this franchise beyond being an entertainment and advertisement cash machine.

Charles Camsoy, a professor of theology and social ethics penned a column that really perked my ears. Do Americans expect the "Force Awakens" it to be a unifying force in the face of a disintegrating culture?

On the surface, I thought the article's headline was on the outer limits of the tripping the light fantastic. However, I read it once - twice and than a third time. "Star Wars" as my wife reminded me today crosses the cultural, political, economic, social, gender and age barrier. It brings together an incredibly diverse number of people. 

Three separate generations - baby boomers, Generation X and millennials - are excited to see this movie. Grandparents, parents and children will be attending it together, talking a common language and showing an interconnectedness which is the lesson of the force.

In an age of Hollywood power, perhaps the "The Force Awakens" is America's next Gettysburg Address or Been To the Mountain Top moment!

What do you think?

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