Friday, October 23, 2015


You know times have changed when you find yourself in a debate with a millennial about the merits of an android operating system and the evil Apple empire.

Not so long ago, Microsoft was the evil empire and Apple the upstart, using open source to fight the dominant player in the personal and business computer market. 

As much as I enjoyed building my own machines, installing new mother boards, sound and video cards - I gave the proverbial finger to Microsoft and purchased an iMac knowing full well that these machines were not designed to be upgraded. Even the screws in the cases were proprietary. 

I no longer know what the latest processor or fastest video card is. I no longer invest quarterly in new parts. My various macs, iPhones and iPads are all integrated and work fine.  I no longer feel the nerdy urge to be on  the cutting edge.

I do get my dander up every year when the folks at Apple upgrade the operating system leaving me with dead apps that need to be re-purchased to work!

In the 90's, we were trying Linux, DexOX, OS2 - just to name a few. In the end I adopted Apple's OS and have not looked back.

For better or worse, Apple’s business model is built on the sale of high-end devices 

Have I mentioned that I never purchased a Sony Play station? That we have had the original Microsoft X-Box, Survived the ring of death with the X-Box 360 and we absolutely love the X-Box One!

When did Apple lose their scrappy upstart ways and became the evil empire?

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John Fenderson said...

In my opinion, Apple became evil right around when the original Mac was released. Ever since then, Apple's evil ways have been about on par with Microsoft's. The only reason why the perception of Apple is a little more benign than Microsoft's is because Windows has a much, much larger marketshare.