Friday, October 23, 2015


Up until this weekend  Lamar Odom was an unknown to me.

The former NBA star made headlines last week after he was found on the verge of death in a Las Vegas brothel after a three day drug and alcohol bender.  

Odom is a charter member of the Kardashian circle making him a part of the bizarre phenomena that is the religion of self.  He is the estranged husband of one of them. As with everything in the surreal world of these nuts, the Kardashians arrived at the hospital with camera crews in tow to exploit the shit out of this family tragedy.

To each their own but this circus has reached absurdity.  This crowd has become famous for being famous. The basis of that fame is hard to find. It is the product of a celebrity culture, although I would argue to become a celebrity, one might be famous for talent, ideas, competence. 

The vexing thing, not that I wish this idiot anything but a speedy recovery, is how some have rallied to the cause offering blood and even kidneys to assist the Lamar.  The waiting list for a kidney transplant in the United States, depending on blood type is three to five years. 

However devotes to this religion of self are looking to cash in on a piece of that celebrity by offering the Kardashians a vital organ to replace the kidneys destroyed by illicit drugs and alcohol abuse. 

Meanwhile, the owner of the brothel where Odom overdosed wants to settle the former NBA star’s nearly $80,000 tab — and he’s willing to go after Kardashian to do it.

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