Friday, September 18, 2015


Apple released its latest version of the i operating system this week. It is much more than a coat of paint!

I recently upgraded from my trusty workhorse Apple's 4S to a 6S  - just in time to see all the benefits of iOS 9.  iOS 8 was a bit of a disappointment and was a little buggy. This update is leaner, cleaner and smarter. 

One of my biggest complaints of late about Apple is the lack of support for older machines whether they be phones, desktops, laptops or iPads. Adopting new operating systems have also meant stiff third party bills for new versions of software or just plain disappointment that new features just don't work on older systems.

This time, I am in a position with my phone and my iPad mini to really see and use the new updates. At first blush - IOS 9 felt much the same as it's predecessor but a couple of days into using it I feel like I have a new iPad.

The new multi-tasking functionality is really nice. Splt screen may be long overdue, and Android users may be trolling about how they have had it for years, but it is smooth and here fulfilling the productivity potential of the tablet I like best. The Picture-in-picture option for continuing to face time or watch a video is really nice.

Not having to click the home button back and forth, having apps running side by side has really increased my productivity on the go. Additionaly, the notifications drop-down menu is now sorted logically.

As a newbie to Siri, the new update appears smarter than before.  The addition of the left swipe to reveal more options, contacts and past requests, once again  really speeds up productivity.

Like I said, this update gives the user a lot more productivity through great features. It gets a big thumbs up from me.

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