Friday, August 28, 2015


I have never quite bought the line that there was not some form of conspiracy of sorts among some of the institutions in the Roman Catholic Church that trained young men to be priests. A brotherhood of gay pedophiles and hebephiles that cooped, promoted and protect these indefensible perverse behaviors.

To be clear I do not think, or mean to suggest, that gay people are child molesters. This segment of individuals, in this case gay men who are attracted to children and young teenagers of the same sex, appeared to penetrate the upper echelons of the Church in Canada, Ireland, Germany, France and many other countries.

The prevalence and similar global responses have convinced me that this sickness was cultivated. Romes new transparent, zero tolerance approach to allegations of sexual abuse may once and for all put an end to generations of abuse that led to psychological terror for thousands of victims. However, I am still very curious about the institutional depth of the cultivation of young men to become sexual predators. Where did the rot originate, has it been rooted out?

Yesterday Jozef Wesolowski, 67, a Polish former archbishop, The Vatican’s former ambassador to the Dominican Republic who was defrocked  under the Vatican’s canon law procedures for molesting children died while awaiting trial before  the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith  Vatican tribunal. The 67 year old was facing a prison sentence of eight years.

This man was not just another priest like Kevin Bennett or Pat Slaney, he was a direct representative of the Pope and was ordained by Pope John Paul II.

He was the highest prelate to face the Vatican Tribunal established by Pope Francis  to make good on pledges to punish high-ranking church leaders involved in sex abuse of minors, either by molesting children or by systematically covering up for priests who did. The revision of he sex abuse norms made acquiring, possessing and distributing pornography of children under age 14 years to be an equally serious canonical crime that the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith deals with.

Earlier this year , Pope Francis accepted the resignation of the archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis and his deputy bishop after prosecutors there charged the archdiocese with having failed to protect children from unspeakable harm from a pedophile priest who was later convicted of molesting two boys.

Other senior churchman to be charged with abuse , endangerment of children or possession of child pornography in this new era of enlightenment include Belgian Arch-Bishop Bishop Roger Vangheluwe, Philadelphia, Monsignor William Lynn, former Newfoundland Bishop Bishop Raymond Lahey.

I for one would really like to know the roots of what was an extremely organized systematic shadow group within the church.

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