Sunday, August 9, 2015


A horrible nutty  anti-gay minister in the land of  free is ejeculating the opinion that that Americans are hooked on Starbucks lattes because of a special ingredient -  “gay semen"

Manning says the masses have become addicted to the flavour boosting additive. He may not have any empirical evidence responding  " you may not be able to find my explanation suitable to meet the empirical standards… but let’s just say I know.”

He has previously admitted that he has been tempted by what he calls the “gay lifestyle,” although he resisted and came out on top. 

Daily Show interview posted on LGBTQ Nation. The pastor of the ATLAH World Mission Church in Harlem, New York.

I remember someone espousing the theory that Tim Hortons used some sort of Coccaine paste in the glue of its cups that made people addicted to the coffee. 

ii wonder if this nut bar has a theory about how Cadbury gets the Caremel into the Caremel Bars or what the secret ingredients are in secret recipe for Colonel Sander's Kentucky Fired Chicken?


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