Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Curiosity  killed the cat.

In the case of the Ashley Madison leak, curiosity may have led to the suicides of a number of people shamed into taking their own lives.

Many people have been scoffing at the women, and mostly men ,who have been revealed as patrons of the infidelity website.

Over 30 million email addresses and some credit card data was stolen by hackers and than dumped on-line for all to view. 

In some regions people have been positively gleeful about each outing and clamoring for more. These self righteous busybodies are just making a horrible situation worse.

It is easy to laugh at people who were hooked by the catchy phrase "Life is Short, Have an Affair!" Sure the most pious among us can say these lowlife adulterous types deserve what they get. Shame on them for being stupid, sly and dishonest with their partners. Darn good -for -nothing homewrecker with no moral codex!

Unscrupulous seedy types have already begun to blackmail individuals after data mining the leak. Think about how many real families are being destroyed because of these leaks. It's sad.

Than again, just what does having your email listed on the database prove? For example, a search of the email address premier@gov.nl.ca on www. trustify.info/check - shows the the email of the leader of our government's email is in the database!

We could have fun with this and deliberate which premier it was, but it is obviously a fake - it was also not a paying customer. 

The point is innocent people are getting hurt, families are being destroyed based on this lynch mob mentality of outing adulterers!

Avid Life Media, which runs the site has over a reward of $500,000 to anyone who contributes information that leads to an arrest.

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