Thursday, August 27, 2015


A pair of treasure hunters have made a significant discovery in Southern Poland.

Lawyers for the German and Pole have requested that the state give them 10% of the value of the find before they disclose the location and what they have found.

Polish officials say a military train has been discovered in Walbrzych but it remains to be seen if it is the legendary gold train that is rumored to have dissipated near the end of the war in the region. The train's rumored stash of 300 tons of gold would be worth roughly $1.09 billion. the Nazis are said to have secretly dug networks of tunnels through the mountains in the region in the last years of the war.

Skeptics say there is no evidence that it ever existed.

The Nazi plundered gold, jewels, art and other cultural property from every country they conquered. They had a systematic approach to determining what was valuable to the regime and what was to be burned.

Hitler had made plans to establish a premier cultural center in his home city of Linz, Austria. The Third Reich's capital for the arts was to be home to the F├╝hrermuseum. Untold millions in Nazi plunder that went missing after the fall of the Reich,  remains unaccounted for.

There is another rumor about Nazi plunder  buried in Lake Toplitz in Austria, at the end of the war. Reports of a convoy of SS vehicles taking large chests to the lake in early May 1945 began to emerge soon after Germany surrendered. In 1959, a diving team salvaged several chests and discovered forged British banknotes with a face value of seven hundred million pounds.

Unaccounted treasure, like the remains of Hitler, have spawned generations of conspiracy theories and Nazi treasure hunters.

It will be interesting to learn just what has been found deep in the tunnels of Walbrzych - could the skeptics be wrong or si this another Al Capone's Vault? 

Guaranteed someone is looking for live broadcast rights. Someone get Geraldo on the line...pronto.

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