Saturday, August 1, 2015


Senseless accidents end the lives of thousands of young children every year. As a father of three boys, I came to accept that no matter how much we child proofed our house, 90% of safety was due to dumb luck.

For example, have you secured furniture like dressers, shelves and TVs to the walls to prevent them from tipping?

Earlier this week a 4 year-old child boy died when after a television fell on top of him while he was trying to place a DVD in a player located on a dresser in his home.

The 150-pound TV was set on top of a dresser and the DVD player was also on top of the dresser. When the boy pulled out the bottom drawer of the dresser to stand on and reach the DVD player, the entire dresser fell over and the TV landed on the boy’s head.

The incident occurred at a home Wisconsin.

Just a few weeks ago, a good friend of mine spent the night in emergency with his son who had pulled out the bottom drawer of a dresser to assist in the climb to the top. the dresser dresser tipped over crushing the little guy. Fortunately the injuries were not lethal. a few bruises and a concussion.

The dad was pretty shaken-up and has since strapped all his furniture to the wall.

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