Wednesday, July 1, 2015


The Canada Day bombshell is continuing to reverberate in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Another federal party has told local supporters that thier local choice of a candidate for the Fall General Election is unacceptable

I was in complete shock when VOCM's Fred Hutton leaked unconfirmed reports that the Conservative Party had informed high-profile St. John's lawyer Chess Crosbie that he was an undesirable.

Despite the fact that Crosbie technically won the nomination as he was the only person to come forward, the mandarins in Ottawa told him he was "Not the type of candidate the party wanted!

What the heck does that mean. Seriously, one needs a universal translate  to figure out what that phrase means. They called a nomination, only one person came forward and they cast that person away like he is some sort of low-life third rate nuisance candidate.

On top of having a Tory pedigree that is second to none in this province, Crosbie is a Rhodes Scholar, a philanthropist, a top Canadian Legal Expert and a house hold name. To put the blue ribbon on his credentials,  he is the son of former PC stalwart and Conservative supporter John Crosbie.

There are a few things I do not understand. One, Crosbie's quest for the nomination was public and well know. If there was an issue, one would think that that to avoid embarrassment and humiliation for Crosbie, his unacceptability would have been brought to his attention earlier.

Secondly, this is John Crosbie's son. How could the Conservatives over look the ramifications of poking this hornets nest with a stick. Crosbie has been in the national and local media expressing his shock, disbelief and disappointment with the Conservatives. 

Surely, to discount one candidate because he is not the type of candidate they were looking for must mean they have someone else in mind. It will be interesting to see what the Ottawa crowd has in mind.

If Newfoundland and Labrador was non-fertile for the Conservatives in the past this badly mismanaged and discriminatory action will only serve to make it harder to find legitimate candidates to fly the party banner this fall.

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