Thursday, July 16, 2015


Paul Antle's decision to put Conservative Johnathan Galgay in charge of his election campaign has pundits and political advisers puzzled. Is it a coup for Antle or an example of myopic political skills? 

Antle is the Liberal candidate in St. John's East - Quidi Vidi, where he will take on former New Democrat Lorraine Micheal. This is going to be a contest to watch. Antle is a significant high profile member of the triad that co-runs the party with leader Dwight Ball. 

He does not need the job, but he does need to win the seat to be in the caucus, to be part of the team that will supposedly implement a new vision for the province and potentially succeed Mr. Ball as leader.

Many people inside and outside of the party suggest that he lost the opportunity to become leader of the Liberal Party due to tactical and strategic miscues and the absence of a common touch. 

Let us not forget that he has run for the leaders job and as a candidate for the Federal Party in St. John's East without success. He really can not risk another loss. Does putting Galgay in charge improve his chances this time around? Perhaps - perhaps not!

The more connected Tories that are embraced by the Liberals as staffers, organizers, candidates and communication types the more the New Democrats get to say where is the change? That could resonate will a skeptical public that is being asked to vote for real change

Which is why this choice is confusing, and why some observers are wondering what the heck is going on? Rather than rehash what politicos are saying, I am going to point you elsewhere for an astute observation. 

Ed Hollett of The Sir Bond Papers Blog offers up a good analysis of what the Galgay factor means for Antle, his election, his political radar and what is on the line. 

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