Thursday, July 30, 2015


The weather is still a significant factor in the day to day lives of the residents of this province.

For centuries people spent much of their time outdoors working in the woods or in a fishing boat. Their livelihoods were affected by the weather.

Many homes had a weather glass to show impending changes in the weather. People have a sense of slight changes in temperature, humidity and the direction of the wind.

We just feel change in the air! 

The extent of the momentum enjoyed by the Provincial Liberal Party heading into the  October 19, 2015 General Election is staggering.

The party had already nominated most of it's candidates prior to the the Davis Government's introduction of electoral boundary decisions that eliminated eight districts from the island portion of the province.  They were ready, financially and organizational for a spring election. The boundary changes forced a new round of nominations in one district.

With the Liberal Trade winds filling the party's sails, a party revival has occurred. Incumbent M.H.A's have been challenged for nominations, sitting members of caucus have had to face-off for newly amalgamated districts, and previously nominated candidates have had to fend off challengers. 

The number of competitive races and individuals wanting to run as liberal candidates in the election has been astounding. Thousands of people have joined the party to participate in dozens of nomination meetings in the summer months. This takes commitment and organization. Change is in the air and people see the liberals as the best vehicle to implement it.

To put in in a little perspective, 351 people decided who our current premier is! 351 votes out of a possible 677. Last night in Carbonear - Trinity Bay de Verde - 4,084 people voted to decide who would carry the liberal banner in the district. Steve Crocker secured the win with 2302 votes. Astounding numbers.

To really put that in perspective, in the last General Election in 2011, the liberal candidates in both Trinity-Bay De Verde and Carbonear-Harbour Grace received a grand total of 1,888 votes between them! The number of people who signed-up as liberal supporters for last night's nomination was nearly double the entire liberal vote last time around.

The story keeps repeating itself across the island.

The last Corporate Research Poll had the Liberals at 50% of decided voters compared to 19.1% in the last general election.

When voters swing in this province, they swing. 

The desire for change is strong. 

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