Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Nominations are to Canadian politics what
 sausage-making is to brunch: a bloody
unwatchable mess that’s somehow still 
capable of producing delicious outcomes. 
Provided you’re a carnivore.

 - Scott Reid
Director of communications for former prime minister Paul Martin


At least two more members of the Liberal Caucus in the House Of Assembly will not be candidates for the party in the Fall election. 

Which two incumbents will be dealt out of the Liberal's 2015 Campaign team remains to be seen. That will be decided by "grassroots" Liberals in the new districts of  St. George's-Humber and Trinity-Carbonear.

Nominations for St. George's-Humber closed on Friday July 19th. MHA Scott Reid, - St. George's-Stephenville East and MHA Stelman Flynn, Humber-East are going head-to-head today, only one can emerge victorious.

The Liberal Party has done a really decent job of insuring that the regional considerations of this geographically challenged seat are well reflected. Supporters of the party should have no difficulty getting to a polling location in their area.

One of the underlying issues in this nomination is a consensus that this new district is not a particularly good grouping of communities - they have been dealt a bad hand. The concerns of local community leaders was rejected in the final legislation which has established the new boundaries for the next decade.

Folks on the Bay St. George and Codroy Valley and the Pasadena do not see the synergy. The result could be a vote based on regional support - East vs West!

Most people pay relatively little attention to campaigns in the first place; add to this that they are distracted by Summer holidays and you have a difficult organization hurdle. Normally the incumbent has the advantage in name recognition and a proven track record. In this case both are incumbents with short elected track records in different parts of the new district.

My take on it is that both candidates will have strong to good support in the sections of the districts they currently represent. The battleground could  come down to Massey Drive and Steady Brook. 

Nominations are a big undertaking with candidates allocating their scarce resources of time, money, and energy to achieve their political objectives. The messiness, ugliness and arbitrariness of nominations are all part of our democratic system. 

This will come down to organization.The better organized person wins!

Polling stations will be open from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

Individuals who are residents of the district, are fourteen years of age or older, and declare themselves as a member or supporter of the Party are eligible to vote in the nomination process.

A well-shepherded set of local contests  generate new party members, high-quality candidates, the appearance of momentum and the seeds of renewal. 

The unfortunate result of the recent electoral boundaries legislation are contests between good sitting MHAs. 

The next one to watch will be Trinity-Carbonear, which is expected to be called later this week for a vote next week. 

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