Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Real journalism 
— making sense of the world around us

- Le Monde diplomatique

I enjoy Le Monde diplomatique . The world famous voice in journalism began in 1954  under the umbrella of the French daily newspaper Le Monde. In 1996 it won editorial and financial independence as a standalone.

It began as a journal to keep diplomats up to date on world events. Contributors are are experts in their fields – area specialists, academics, writers, journalists who are close to the issues and to the people making the news. 

It is famous for its in-depth analysis,  reliable research and an independent/critical viewpoint. 

A recent article by contributor Greg Grandin regarding the history of the Confederate Flag as a symbol of  racist reaction to efforts to advance equal rights and integration and as a symbol of atrocities through the years domestically and internationally.

It is a good piece that really makes one think.

Is the confederate flag racist? 90 % of Confederate soldiers did not own slaves. There are no shortages of pictures of KKK and white supremacists groups huddled around the Stars and Stripes. To many the confederate flag means you have southern blood and are a southern person. It does not mean that you are racist.

Is the backlash an overdue readjustment of racist icons or an opportunity to re-write history.

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