Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Great news! 

Shallaway's Camerta Ensemble took the top spot this morning in one of two categories it is competing in  the prestigious  Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod in Wales

Camerata won first place in the classical category with a mark of 97.3,. They are currently competing in the Folk Music category.

My oldest guy, Aidan,  left St. John's with 64 fellow choristers on Sunday evening for the United Kingdom. The Llangollen music festival has been taking place every summer since 1947, drawing around 4,000 performers each year.

In addition to Llangollen, Camerata will perform in Bath and Cambridge, England. They visited Oxford on Monday!

I wish I could be there with them.

Congratulations to the staff, volunteers and the choir!

The emblem of SHALLAWAY is its fishpin – two fish, one of hand-painted fabric and the other smaller one of painted wood, both connected in a vertical alignment. The fish represent the core of our Newfoundland and Labrador culture, to whose thriving future the organization is dedicated.

Founded by Susan Knight in 1992, SHALLAWAY (formerly the Newfoundland Symphony Youth Choir) is a cultural agency that expresses itself though choral music. Its more than 200 choristers, age 7–18, come from the city of St. John's and its surrounding areas, and sing in six developmentally sequenced ensembles. 

Shallaway is a registered charitable organization. Whether you represent a company or are a private individual who might wish to support the arts through Shallaway, your donation will be gratefully accepted.

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fisherman's girl said...

Congrats to the choir. Wishing them continued success. Hope they have a wonderful cultural experience and safe travels til they are back on the rock again.