Wednesday, July 15, 2015


My oldest guy returns from a trip to Wales and the UK this afternoon. 

The Shallaway Youth Choir's Camerta Ensemble are returning triumphantly following being named the Children's Choir of the World at the prestigious Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod in Wales. 

They took the top spot in the classical category and placed a very close second in the Folk Music Category.

To say I am proud of their accomplishment is an understatement. The significance of these talented young men and women earning global accolades reflects the professionalism, dedication and sense of place that is the bedrock of Shallaway. The solidarity and pride in heritage reflects the cultural distinctiveness of this place.

Shallaway tours each year, alternating between March and July. The July tours are mostly festival-based, with the goal being to increase the group’s profile and provide a competitive aspect for the singers to invest in. In March, the group tours to destinations relevant to Newfoundland’s history and cultural connections in the world.

There are two members of Shallaway in our household. They both began in grade two. Aidan has been there for ten years, Conor for 5. That is a decade of  reaching for their fullest potential, immersed in their cultural identity and communitizing.

"Communitize" is a term created by Founder Susan Knight to denote the continual process whereby the members of a community not only build it together, but also learn the process and skills for its maintenance and growth it, i.e., to consciously partner, lead, observe, analyze, adapt, innovate, strengthen, change, etc

Every member has his, or her, own fish pin which is an integral part of the performing uniform, symbolizing both the philosophy of the organization and membership in it. 

The fish represent the core of our Newfoundland and Labrador culture. Each pin is handcrafted by Kim Marshall and consists of two fish, one of hand-painted fabric and the other smaller one of painted wood, both connected in a vertical alignment.
The Shallaway Christmas concert has become a part of our Christmas tradition. The holidays would not be the same without it. 

It is a fantastic organization.

Shallaway Youth Choir is committed to the preservation and performance of Newfoundland music. You might be interested in taking in the Shallaway Fiddlers at their debut performance on the Neil Murray Stage as part of this year's Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival.

Shallaway is now holding auditions for the 2015-2016 season. Contact the office at 738-6792 to register your child. You can find the audition form and information under the Ensembles tab a on their webpage. 

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Anonymous said...

Such a marvelous accomplishment for such a dedicated group of young people. So proud that they include two of my great grand sons. Congratulations to the whole team.