Monday, July 27, 2015


Erstwhile Liberal leader Justin Trudeau received a much deserved smack-up the side of the head from party members in the Toronto riding of Eglinton-Lawrence last evening.

Schadenfreude is not very christian of me, but it is really hard not to smile when you know what a bunch of conniving, hypocritical,inept and nasty folks operate out of Metcalfe and the leader's office.

Lawyer Marco Mendicino trounced Trudeau's choice for the nomination, Conservative defector Eve Adam. I could not be more pleased by the result. Trudeau's warm embrace of the controversial diva, who had been rejected by the Conservative party for dirty tricks in her attempt to win a nomination for that party. never made a lick of political sense. 

The proof that the Trudeau cabal had pulled out all the stops was evident when Liberal Mike Colle stood to praise Adam's accomplishments and nominate her. 

The high profile, long term Eglinton-Lawrence Liberal MPP had said earlier that parachuting the rejected Adams in from he Conservative  ranks where she has been the MP into a riding where she has no close connection is an “affront” to all the Liberals there. The Toronto Star reported that she would  becomes the federal Liberal candidate over his dead body.

The leader whipped the local liberal leadership into submission and compliance but the rift with the grassroots only widened in the wake of the extent of the leaders heavy handedness. 

They were pissed from the beginning and their cynicism with his leadership was in full display last night when only 700 people backed the leader's choice at the privacy of the ballot box.

In fact,  I would go so far as to say that the muscle used to force the Liberal leadership in the riding into compliance was on par with the bulling and manipulation that sealed Adams fate as a Conservative. 

The party mandarins held off the nomination until they felt Adams had the numbers to win the contest. The result shows just how out of touch the brain trust in charge of tactics, strategy and campaign management are.

The result shows Trudeau and his team are stuck in political quicksand at a pivotal time in the electoral cycle. The leader is out of touch with the party membership and does not have the means by which to rule by decree. 

Liberals are rejecting his top down approach to managing party affairs. The totalitarian inept approach has been his undoing. Overruling the wishes of local Liberals and , manipulating local affairs has blown up in his face. 

Can all the kings horses and all the central party staff put old humpty dumpty back together again? Is it to late for Trudeau to re-tool? Is it any wonder the Liberal Party of Canada is in free fall mode?

At this point, even Liberals are wondering about his judgement and his readiness for the job of leader, let alone Prime Minister. 

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Prescient said...

A repudiation of Eve Adams, but not necessarily Trudeau. Trudeau established the process by which local Liberals were able to chose their candidate - even if it meant rejecting the candidate people thought he preferred. Past leaders may have simply appointed the candidate but Trudeau's process allowed for true local input. Please give him credit for that.