Tuesday, July 7, 2015


It was hard to pull my miserable body out of bed this morning. Fog, Drizzle and seven degrees on July 7th! It felt like a Fall morning. It is just hard to get motivated to do anything but complain.

According to Environment Canada yesterday was the coldest high temperature July 6th on record for St. John's at a miserable 8.5. VOCM is reporting that "Canada's northernmost weather station at Resolute, (817 km from the North Pole) was almost two degrees warmer than St. John's yesterday."

Keeping my lawn in decent shape is a challenge at the best of times but this prolonged cold, damp weather has led to a problem with 'snow mould' – a group of fungal diseases that turn the grass brown in patches -it's really common this spring due to the recent extreme weather.

I keep raking to remove the moss and scraping the soil to make space for fresh grass to push through but the cool, damp weather is just making a mockery of my attempts.

If this keeps up Santa is going to be relocating to Logy Bay for the Summer.

Here is hoping that when I get down to Kelligrews in a couple of hours the sun will be splitting the rocks!

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