Saturday, July 11, 2015


I am down at the office in St. Phillips this morning catching up on a project, watching a big bull moose munching on some trees in the meadow in the cool fog.  Earlier, I lit the wood stove to warm up the cabin and get rid of the dampness. A fine October day!

 I knew it was not going to be a terrific day when the first person to cross my path was wearing a stocking hat and gloves. It is July 11th for frig sakes! No cabin tonight, who wants to be stuck indoors out in the woods with kids for the weekend. At home they can keep busy.

We are a hardy stock though. The cool damp weather may depress us but it does not deter. The Regatta time trials are underway at Quidi Vidi Lake. Thousands of people are converging on Confederation Hill to hear rocker Rod Stewart and thousands more are headed to Grand-Falls Windsor for John Fogarety. The two biggest outdoor concerts of the summer, perhaps the decade, competing not with each other but the weather.

Kijiji is full of tickets that people are trying to unload because they do not want to endure the fog, rain and cold temperatures. It sucks! Once again, illustrating the paradox which is our love for this shagging rock out in the unpredictable North Atlantic.

We might be able to control - to some extent who we vote for, what we do for a living but one this is for certain we got no control over the weather.

Perhaps Fogerty and Stewart will perform wearing oil clothes and souwesters with the rain leaking down the brim like that broken eves-trough above your front door during a downpour.

 70 year-old Stewart rocker revealed last year that while some guys have all the luck — he certainly didn’t after continual steroid use shrank his... Maggie May.  Lets hope that this weather does not make the issue even worse :)

The moose is still munching away. He is happy enough!

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