Wednesday, July 15, 2015


It looks like Rocker Rod Stewart wants to correct the official record about reports in the media about his supposed support for the Newfoundland and Labrador Seal Hunt.

The 72-year-old rocker appears to be shaken-up by the anti-seal lobby which has come out in full-force to condemn him after a photo was  circulated over the weekend wearing a seal skin coat. It turns out that Stewart did not purchase a coat. He tried one on and posed for a picture with one of the store owners.

VOCM News is reporting that Stewart is upset with how the photo was used and the depiction that he is a supporter of the hunt.  In a post Stewart posted a message to his Facebook yesterday indicating that he only tried on the jacket and took the picture to oblige the owner who had fitted his backup singers with cashmere red capes to keep them warm. The Facebook post says that "Rod regrets he didn't check what the jacket was made of, but was "grateful for the shop's help."

Stewart has a debauched past of hard partying including an admission in 2012 that he occasionally used cocaine suppositories in the 1970's but that is nothing compared to having the audacity to pose in a sealskin coat. 

Anti-fur campaigners went off the head putting the fun loving Stewart into damage repair mode, particularly at home in the UK /Europe where there is a trade ban on the import and sale of seal skins. 

Stewart say he does not support the hunt. 

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