Friday, July 24, 2015


Liberals in Eglinton-Lawrence will decide this weekend if the former Conservative super couple of Dimitri Soudas and Eve Adams will carry the party banner in the federal election.

Adams crossed the floor after the Conservatives had enough of her antics, refusing to let her seek re-election.

The prize in the eyes of the Trudeau people is Soudas - who held many privileged positions in the Conservative Party and was part of Harper's tight inner circle.He worked for Harper for nine years, starting when Harper was the leader of the official opposition.  

Soudas is now a card carrying Liberal. He has invaluable intelligence on how the Conservative Party operates and thinks. He was part of the strategic and tactical machine that produced Harper's electoral success. Stockwell Day said it best back in February on CBC's Power and Politics, "He will not just be pounding in lawn signs, I can guarantee you that," 

Soudas can whisper secrets to the Liberals. He knows where the pressure points are in the Conservative caucus, cabinet and more importantly with Harper himself. I gather Trudeau felt that  could prove invaluable to the Liberal War Room as they prepare for debates and develop campaign strategy.

Soudas  first foray into uncovering a few political landmines and resurrecting scandals blew-up in the face of the Liberals. In fact, the attempt to smear NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair as an opportunist backfired.

Adams has a checkered past. Her campaign expenses from 2011 raised a few eyebrows leading Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett to state that "Canadians have had enough paying for the Conservative Pretty Department". Her expenses included salon treatments which were subsequently repaid after the furor in the House of Commons. 

She was accused of abusing her parliamentary mailing privileges, was caught up in controversy over dirty tricks related to her bid for the Conservative nomination in Oakville-Burlington North. leading the Prime Minister to request an investigation into her conduct, and had Micheal Sona of the infamous Guelph Robocall scandal on her staff.

Soudas was forced out as the Conservative Party of Canada's executive director after trying to interfere with his fiancĂ©e's Conservative nomination battle. Adams was told by the Conservative Party that she  would not be allowed to run for the party in the next election because of “misconduct” during the nomination race in Oakville North—Burlington.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau accepted her into the Liberal caucus on February 09th in a press conference in which she hypocritically condemned the “mean-spirited” leadership and “divisive” politics of the Conservative party! 

It should be interesting to learn if local Liberals back the leaders choice to accept the disgraced Conservative diva as a Liberal Candidate. Than again, how can they say no to the leaders preferred choice?

Accepting Adams into the Liberal Caucus has been a risky strategy for Trudeau. I think it was a mistake to take her in the first place but the solipsistic approach prevails. 

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