Tuesday, July 14, 2015


The NDP are throwing gasoline on the wildfire of widespread discontent with the traditional parties in the lead-up to this Fall's Federal Election.  Ahead of the Conservatives and the Liberals in the polls, the Official Opposition is riding a wave of support that is less concerned about substance - than change.

The NDP are now mining the discontent and distrust to elicit the emotional response that it hopes will sustain the electoral momentum and convince traditional supporters of the Liberal and Progressive Conservatives that they are the party of real change.

Yesterday, the NDP released an internet attack ad that targets the Conservatives for failing to curb corruption and mismanagement. The ad reminds voters why they dethroned the Liberals and how the Conservatives era has ushered in unparallelled corruption.  The theme - Liberal Tory same old story is reverberating with voters,

The ad features an incitement of the Harper Government while a cast of Conservatives that have been convicted or charged with offenses flash across the screen - including former Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro’s perp walk

It is a powerful political ad which is guaranteed to grip discontented voters that are no longer afraid to vote New Democrat. Additionally, the New Democrats are hunting for the apathetic or uninformed vote. These voters have no interest in politics. They couldn't tell you who their MP is or explain how our system of government functions.  The strategy is to make them angry enough to vote.

The NDP are setting the tone for the election. The uglier the mood, the more emotional the response. 

Folks vote emotionally.

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