Tuesday, June 16, 2015


"We do not stop playing when 
we get old, we just get old
when we stop playing".
  - George Bernard Shaw

Ticket To Ride is is brilliant fun game which has won 14 international game awards.

If you are a regular reader, you already are aware of my passion for board games. Like a game of 120s or crazy eights, games are a universal pastime that transcend age, race and even language. 

Ticket To Ride is my favorite game for helping people  rediscover the simple, yet immensely enjoyable,  pleasures of playing games. Gaming is a way to have a good time with others, forge friendships and enhance your social life.

We rarely play alone making games an extraordinary opportunity to communicate with others. Gaming is a delightful social pastime that draws players into "unreal" situations that stimulate laughter, good humor and fraternity.

They also provide an excellent forum to learn life lessons like handing a bit of diversity, winning with grace, enhancing memory,losing, respect for others, negotiation, time management and strategy building

Part of the remarkable renaissance in traditional card and boardgames, Ticket has become incredibly popular crossing over to the world of  video games for network and single play.

There are many versions and expansions for Ticket which ensures many, many hours of unique fun and flexibility of play.

In addition to the official expansions, I am pleased as punch with a pair of Canadian fan expansions.
Carl Dumont-Rocheleau Québec et l'Est du Canad  fetures a map of Eastern Canada and North Eastern USA. The other self-published fan expansion features a map of Canada, railroads, tunnels and ferries, and two awards worth 7-points each: Sir John A. Macdonald Award for longest rail line; and the) Louis St. Laurent Award for longest ferry line.

It appears to be well balanced game, even if you need a good dose of suspending reality to play.  Geographical place names are secondary to rail tracks and station names.

Thanks to the designers for their dedication to the game, the time they put into designing these great additions and mostly for putting it on-line for TTR fans to download. 

Download, print and play!

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