Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I suspect that who ever leaked the details of Thomas Mulcair's flirt with the Conservative Party (a decade ago) as an environmental policy adviser did not intend to offer the former Quebec Liberal Environment Minister  - turned Federal New Democrat - street credibility.

It is hard to label a guy as a Marxist bogeyman or a Hugo Chavez when the Conservatives thought he was worth securing. They tried and the overtures failed. Keep in mind this all per-dated his entrance to federal politics.

A few years ago the New Democrats purged their  constitution of references to socialism. The paranoia of communist/socialism retarded the growth of the NDP for decades. 

The long held "truisms" about the socialists who have no business savvy,that want to rob the rich and the middle class and transfer that wealth to the lazy - holds little credibility anymore. It is a much harder sell except to the zealously convicted.

So the tactic of revealing that Mulcair is a wolf in lambs clothing, complete with confirmations from disgraced Conservative organizer Dimitri Soudas, has really backfired.

The issue is not one of being tarred with an ideology, that battle was fought when Jack Layton became NDP leader. 

The issue for Canadians was the fear of NDP economics. That fear will be greatly dissipated by this revelation. It may even allow the NDP to eat away at more traditional Conservative support.

The "leak" does more to cement Mulcair's credentials as a big tent thinker than undermine his credibility as a less than true disciple to socialism.

I wonder what other surprises Eve Adams/Soudas have to divulge as the election date gets closer.  

In the meantime, Poll after poll seems to indicate that the NDP are gaining at the expense of both the Liberals and the Conservatives. 

The NDP are first in first place heading into the pre-election summer period. 

ThreeHundredEight.com is showing some interesting projections based on recent polls up to June 29th - 113-140 NDP seats is nothing to sneeze at.

When you mix orange an blue, the result is violet. Thomas Mulcair is no shrinking violet!.



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