Thursday, June 18, 2015


Politics and the weather dominate discussion in this province and across Canada.

Five new stamp, which showcase the diversity of meteorological marvels, went on sale today at Canada Post outlets.

The stamps have been issued to coincide with the 175th anniversary of continuous weather observing in Canada, which was started in 1840 by the soldiers of Britain's Royal Artillery.

The stamps of the Weather Wonders series feature eye-catching images by five different photographers. Newfoundland's fog made the series with a photo of a pink-hued fog at  Cape Spear lighthouse,

The other stamps in the series feature a double rainbow over Quebec, a lightning storm in the skies above Manitoba, a wintry frost on a snowy Alberta plain, and  sun dogs shining over Iqaluit.

It would appear Canada Post recognizes our diverse and challenging environment, too bad the same can not be said for the Harper Government which closed the Coast Guard Sub-base in St. John's last year!

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