Sunday, June 7, 2015


As the weekend rolls to a close thoughts of tomorrow are dominating are dominating my thoughts.

June 08th promises to be an interesting day on the local news front. Premier Paul Davis is supposed to be announcing the proposed date of the much anticipated provincial election? Any bets on dates? 

The 2015 Electoral Boundaries Commission will provide Justice Minister Darin King with their Final Report. He will have tn days to bring it to the House of Assembly but I imagine the public will not have to wait that long. Let loose the dogs of war as the choice Liberal Nominations go from saber rattling to throat cutting. The P.C's will be lucky to fill their slate and the NDP are going to have some high profile candidates this time around. More than a few are going to be disgruntled Liberal and Tory supporters. I am even hearing that one former PC Cabinet Minister might be an NDP candidate.

NDP leader Earle McCurdy is expected to tell us where he will be running in the provincial election. The Dippers have been polling in St. John's West. I still think he should run in Placenta West (or what ever it will be called) but folks who read the tea leaves better than I are advising him to stay in fortress St. John's.

And the most anticipated poll of the Spring is due to be released tomorrow. CRA has been teasing up the poll all weekend long. Top pollster Don Mills says the recent poll is going to show a signification shift in voter intention! What does that mean? It could mean the Liberals have peaked or that they are reaching new highs? Perhaps the PC's are rebounding or most likely the NDP are poised to make this race much closer than anyone might have predicted last Fall.

Pre-election polling is a momentum builder of buster, so this poll is going to have an impact. That said after the polling debacles in the UK, Alberta and Ontario - one wonders why people bother listening to the results. It appears that folks have decided to play a head-game with the pollsters by misleading them on vote intention.

O the suspense! I'll not be dreaming of electric sheep tonight. I can hardly wait for morning!

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