Thursday, June 18, 2015


The questions keep coming fueling concern about the RCMP investigation into the fatal shooting of Don Dunphy by a member of the Premier's security detail two months ago.

Calls for an official inquiry into the events the facilitated the fatal shooting  have fallen on deft ears. The investigation has been plagued by issues which have caused many to question the independence of the RCMP.

Dunphy's family has been calling for an outside police force to conduct the investigation. Yesterday they publicly questioned the thoroughness of the RCMP forensics and evidence collection process at the scene of the shooting. The family found a bullet and made other discoveries after the RCMP finished their processing of the scene. 

The RCMP responded saying the bullet and other items were of no " evidentiary value". Is anyone else having trouble processing this...a bullet found at the scene of a fatal shooting is not evidence? One would think it would have been examined. Is speaks of arrogance, besides how do you square the RCMP declaration of a "thorough and complete investigation" with leaving a bullet behind? What else have they missed. Can they really be that inept? 

Dunphy's daughter, Meghan first raised concerns about the investigation in mid April after she discovered an “issue” which raised a red flag about the objectivity of the RCMP investigation, The New Democrats, followed by the Liberals have publicly supported a public inquiry into the death.

The latest call from the family highlights concerns about objectivity and concerns about police tactics and citizens rights. Many feel the RCMP have been in a conflict-of- interest since the get go and should really not be doing the investigation.

Only a Judicial Inquiry will clear the air! 

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